Custom 2 inch Metal Litho Tab Buttons

Specialty products range in production times, please refer to the description for those details.

Litho tab 2-Inch Buttons are a great way to manage admissions and identify people. This size button is a popular choice for museums, aquariums, school, businesses and organizations to identify attendees and visitors. You won't be disappointed with the quality of our 2-Inch metal litho tab buttons by Buttonworks. This tab button has a 5,000 piece minimum purchase quantity.

This item is produced in an old school fashion - given it is an old school item, you'd expect nothing else, right? What that means is there is a 4 to 6 week production time for metal litho tab buttons.

Know what you want, but not sure how to create your Custom Button Design? Buttonworks includes 10 minutes of design time, a high resolution digital proof, and Free ground shipping when you order of $100 or more Litho Tab 2Inch Buttons.