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Welcome to BUTTONWORKS: Your Premier Destination for Custom Buttons and Magnets

At Buttonworks, we don't just make buttons and magnets; we craft memories, expressions, and statements that last a lifetime! As a family-owned business with over a century of experience, we take pride in being at the forefront of the industry, offering unparalleled quality, customer service, and a diverse range of customization options. If you can think it up, we can make it!

Our Heritage: A Legacy Since 1896

Founded in 1896, Buttonworks boasts a rich heritage that spans generations. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to stand the test of time. As a family-owned enterprise, we bring a personal touch to everything we do, ensuring that each product is imbued with the values and dedication that have defined us for over a century.

  • US Manufactured and Family Owned: We're proud to be a company that not only manufactures its products in the United States but is also family-owned. This gives us the flexibility to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction over everything else.
  • Quick and Easy Design Help: Crafting the perfect button or magnet shouldn't be a daunting task. Our team is here to provide quick and easy design assistance, ensuring that your vision effortlessly comes to life.
  • Free Shipping: We believe in transparent pricing. That's why we offer free shipping, allowing you to know exactly what you're paying for without any hidden costs.
  • Sample Availability: Sometimes, you need to feel the quality before making a commitment. We understand that which is why we provide samples of our products so you can be confident in your order.
  • Accessible Customer Service: Have a question or concern? When you call Buttonworks, you're not directed to an automated system. We believe in answering our phones and providing you with the personal touch you deserve.
  • No Charge for Digital Proofs: Unlike many of our competitors, we don't believe in charging for digital proofs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want you to be confident in your order every step of the way.
  • Quality Control: Every product that leaves our facility undergoes rigorous quality control. We ensure that your buttons and magnets meet the highest standards, reflecting the pride we take in our craftsmanship.

Custom Buttons/Pins:

  • Round: Our classic round buttons provide a timeless canvas for your designs.
  • Shape: Unleash your creativity with custom-shaped buttons that stand out.
  • Custom Sizes: From small and subtle to large and bold, we offer buttons in custom sizes to suit your needs.

Rush Order Custom Buttons/Pins:

  • Sometimes, time is of the essence. Explore our options for rush orders, ensuring you get your buttons precisely when you need them.

Custom Fridge Magnets:

  • Round: Turn your favorite designs into round magnets for a touch of personal flair.
  • Shape: Express yourself uniquely with magnets in custom shapes that tell your story.
  • Custom Sizes: Whether it's small and charming or large and attention-grabbing, we have magnets in various sizes.

Predesigned Button & Magnet Templates:

  • For those seeking inspiration, our predesigned templates cover a spectrum of themes, from birthdays to awareness campaigns. 

Stock Buttons:

  • Ask Me's, Healthcare, Schools: Find buttons tailored for specific needs, be it asking for assistance, promoting healthcare initiatives, or representing school spirit.
  • Awareness, Holidays, Birthday: Explore stock buttons designed for raising awareness, celebrating holidays, and adding a personal touch to birthdays.
  • Pride/LGBTQ, Political: Make a statement with buttons that represent your pride, support political causes, and amplify your voice.

Specialty Buttons:

  • Custom Shape Pins: Beyond standard shapes, create pins in unique forms that reflect your brand or message.
  • LED/Blinky Buttons: Add a touch of innovation with buttons that light up and grab attention.
  • Metal Litho Tab Buttons: Elevate your buttons with the premium touch of metal lithography.

Our process is so easy! Simply:

  1. Choose the kind of button or magnet you want
  2. Select the quantity you would like to order
  3. Upload the image you would like
  4. Add optional text
  5. Indicate when you need them
  6. Choose how you would like to receive your digital proof
  7. Add to cart, check out, and pay

You will receive a digital proof within one business day of what your button or magnet will look like. Once you approve the proof, we will create your custom buttons and then ship them promptly.  

No matter which kind of button we make, BUTTONWORKS combines craftsmanship, innovation, and customization to bring your ideas to life. As you explore our diverse range of products, remember that each button and magnet is a testament to our commitment to quality and your satisfaction. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out via phone or text. We look forward to working with you!