Collection: Custom Campaign Buttons for Your Political Campaigns and Causes

At Buttonworks, we are excited to offer our range of Custom Campaign Buttons tailored to meet the needs of your political campaigns and causes. Our versatile collection includes pre-made designs and templates, alongside options for custom-made buttons that will help you stand out in your local elections. Campaign pins can help get your message out there and keeping them on hand helps share your message with others!

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The Power of Buttons in Political Campaigns

Campaign buttons have a long-standing history of rallying support, boosting visibility, and spreading the message of candidates and causes. Whether it's for a local election or a broader campaign, buttons serve as a tangible reminder to voters, helping to turn grassroots movements into powerful political endeavors.

Diverse Uses for Our Campaign Buttons

Our campaign buttons come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, suitable for any type of political campaign or advocacy:

  • School Board Campaign Buttons: School board elections are crucial in shaping the future of education in our communities. Our school board campaign buttons are designed to represent the diverse perspectives and needs of students, teachers, and parents. These buttons not only encourage voter participation but also help candidates gain visibility.
  • City Council Campaign Buttons: City council elections play a pivotal role in local governance. Our city council campaign buttons provide candidates with a strong visual identity, highlighting their initiatives and visions for the community. These buttons help spread awareness and garner support, serving as a reminder to voters of what's at stake.
  • Local Election Campaign Buttons: For candidates running for local positions such as judges, mayors, and other municipal offices, our local election campaign buttons offer a unique opportunity to connect with constituents. These buttons help candidates establish their identity, share their message, and create a sense of unity among their supporters.
  • "I Voted Today" Buttons: Our "I Voted Today" buttons are a powerful way to celebrate civic engagement and the fact that we have the right to vote. They encourage others to participate in elections, reinforcing the importance of voting. These buttons can be distributed at polling stations, encouraging a sense of community and emphasizing the significance of participating in democracy.

Customizing Your Campaign Buttons

We understand the importance of creating a unique identity for your campaign, which is why we offer customizable buttons. Our design process is easy to use and you get a proof to ensure your button reflects your campaign's values, message, and goals:

  • Branding: Incorporate campaign logos, slogans, or other branding elements to create a cohesive identity.
  • Color Schemes: Choose colors that represent your campaign or align with your message.
  • Messaging: Convey key campaign messages or slogans directly on the buttons, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.

Why Choose Buttonworks?

At Buttonworks, we're committed to helping your campaign succeed. Our political campaign buttons are crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring they look great and stand the test of time. Our team of experts brings years of experience in design and production, delivering buttons that not only look fantastic but also serve as powerful tools for promoting your campaign.


What are the size and shape options available for the campaign buttons?

At Buttonworks, we offer a variety of size and shape options for our campaign buttons. Standard sizes range from 1-inch to 3-inch diameters, with shapes including round, square, rectangular, and even custom designs. This flexibility allows you to choose a button that best fits your campaign's needs and design aesthetic.

What materials are used in the production of the buttons?

Our campaign buttons are made from high-quality materials designed for durability and longevity. The buttons feature a metal backing, ensuring they withstand everyday wear and tear. The design is covered with a protective coating to guard against fading, ensuring the button remains vibrant and visually appealing throughout the campaign.

How long does it take to produce custom buttons, and is there a minimum order requirement?

The production time for custom buttons depends on the complexity of the design and the size of the order. Typically, production can range from 5 to 10 days. We do not impose a strict minimum order requirement, but we have options for fast turnarounds on small quantity orders. Orders of 100 buttons or more often yield the best price per unit.

Can I reorder more buttons quickly if needed?

Absolutely! We keep the design files on record for all custom buttons, making reordering a seamless process. Simply contact us with your previous order information, and we can produce additional buttons quickly to meet your campaign's needs.

Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

Yes, we offer tiered pricing for larger orders. The more buttons you order, the lower the price per unit, allowing you to stay within your campaign's budget while still achieving high-quality, impactful buttons. Contact our team to learn more about bulk pricing options.

Elevate Your Campaign Today

Ready to take your campaign to the next level? Let our buttons serve as a visual reminder of your candidacy, helping you connect with your community and rally support. Follow our super easy instructions on how to customize your campaign buttons or check out our templated designs. Start designing buttons that will resonate with your audience, whether it's for a school board election, a city council race, or a broader cause. Together, let's make a difference one button at a time!