Using Alternate Shippers

Buttonworks has an exclusive relationship with FedEx. In thousands of shipments completed each year, very few have problems. If it important that you use your carrier of choice you may do so with the following conditions:

    • Shipments picked up via alternate carriers (DHL, Courier, LTL) will be available one business day later as their pick up time to our location is usually several hours earlier than our ready time.
    • It is the customers responsibility to arrange for the pick-up of the shipment directly with the shipper of your choice.
    • Since these shipments fall outside of our normal shipping process and require additional handling, there will be a $20 fee added to the cost of your order.
    • Airbills or waybills must be provided to us via e-mail.

    • The "ship from" name must be listed on the Airbill as your name.  Please note that some carriers backcharge customers for incorrect addresses, re-weighs etc. Buttonworks is not responsible for any backcharges or other fees that may result from using an alternate shipping source.

Please make requests for alternate carriers via email.